How should my furniture be cared for and cleaned?

Upholstered Furniture

A cotton cloth and non-toxic cleanser will handle most needs.

The fabric is stain and water resistant; small spills will bead on the surface, so they are easy to clean as long they are wiped up immediately. Blotting a stain immediately with water will remove most spills. Spills should be dabbed with a clean cloth, not rubbed – although the fabric is water resistant, rubbing/soaking water into the fabric can cause stains.

If using a fabric cleanser, an inconspicuous spot should first be tested to ensure that it does not discolor the fabric.


Wood Furniture

If the paint on your furniture has chipped, we provide touch up paint in the form of touch up pens. The pens are Greenguard approved and will serve to correct cosmetic imperfections.

If you would like to order a touch up pen, please fill out our replacement parts form. We will then supply you with a quotation and invoice to complete your order.


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